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Crossdressers checklist
for stepping out

For lots of crossdressers is dressing up and stay at our house in the safety in our home enough and all that you want, but for some of us there will come a moment that you want to step out into the public.
When you want to go into the public, with the reason to see how others take you for a woman, we call this 'passing'. For some crossdressers is this the ultimate goal.
The reason for stepping out is most of the times different for every crossdresser. But whatever reason you have, I think that you must have positive experience.
So in my opinion you have to prepare the trip carefully. You must always be able to keep the situation comfortable.
Once you have a negative experience, you don't get enjoyment from this. With positive experiences you can handle also failures better.
Why this checklist
    When you finally decide that the woman inside must enter the outside world, most of us girls just can't dress up and step out of the house.
    I put this checklist on the web because once you are outside you might have forgotten something to take with you on your trip. When this happens you don't have the maximum enjoyment of your trip.

    This list you can use as an checklist for stepping out. For all of you who haven't been out yet and plan to do so, the following might be of interest to you:

    Before you can go out enfemme, you better fill up your car with petrol. You don't like to run out of gas. You better also check your oil and coolant before you dress.
    Don't forget:
    - house and carkeys
    - money
    - coins for parking, etc.
    - id/drivers licence
    - vehicle registration
    - womans bag with: mirror, comb, lipp stick, mascara, foundation, extra pantyhose, safety pin, etc.

What to wear?
    After you decide to step outside, you have to consider about what to wear, where to go, how to get back what to do when you do when your car break down and last but not least: how will you react in case of being read.

    For many of us there are only limited opportunities to dress up at home and leave the house enfemme. The most easy way in this situation is dressing up as far a possible and wear over your female outfit your own clothes. You can use a training suit for this.
    Before dressing up, put as many things in the car as you want to use: such as coat, and the sportsbag (see later). Then you can dress up at home.
    When you dress up, put on the make-up (liquid concealer, foundation) and if you don't expect to run into other people you can also put on the eye shadow, mascara, blush, but don't put your lipstick on yet.
    When you go out in the daytime, just put up your sunglasses to cover the eyes. If your neighbours see anything it would only be you in a training suit and at a distance they wouldn't make out the makeup!

    To complete your transformation you put the following articles in your sportsbag:
    Wig (+comb), nails, ear-clips, watch, armband, rings, shoes (heels not too high).

For use while dressed
    For use while dressed -- put in an other bag:
    handbag (and put in eye-shadow, mascara, blush, money, also coins for parking), jacket/coat, video camcorder (with extra battery), extra pair of panty/stockings.

While driving
    Don't drive above the speed limit, and change your sitting position behind the wheel: women, since usualy sit different:-)
    Don't forget to have your drivers license and vehicle registration handy in case you get stopped by the police.
    If this happens in our country nothing is wrong, as long as you can identify yourself. Don't panic!.
    If you want to make an excuse for your outfit (but you don't have to because you don't do something which is forbidden), you can say that you are visiting a party or a club.

    At a parking lot, (away from where you live, since someone could recognise your car), you can change into your enfemme person, by taking of your training suit, put on your wig, the earrings, lipstick, by using your inside mirror of your car.
    You are now driving enfemme!

Before getting out of the car:
    Check your wig, look around to see if anyone is nearby, then get out of the car, straighten your skirt properly and go! Try to feel relaxed:-)
    Don't forget to pay the parkingfee!!!

If you don't travel by car
    At every T&T contact group in the Netherlands, there is a changing room. So you can travel as a man, enter the T&T meeting room, ask for the changingroom and change at the location. At the end of the meeting (usualy around midnight), you can change back to your normal clothes. For this you also need the things as mentioned below.

Unforeseen problems
    It can happen that you have to change into your normal clothing. In this case you have to get rid of the make-up, mascara, put on your training suit and shoes. For this you'll need:
    Training shoes, tissues, makeup removal pads already with cream on them, bottle of water for cleaning your face, nailpoish remover.

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