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© 1996-2013 Bianca Holland

© 1996-2013 Bianca Holland

Bianca Holland - Crossdressing
Information, tips and advises for heterosexual CrossDressers / Transvestites, spouses and their children

Bianca Bride

This site is not intended to upset. offend or insult anybody. It is just a place meant for a bit of fun and to exchange information with other CD's and friends about our 'hobby'.
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With the information at the left frame I intend to make our 'hobby' acceptable and to provide some tips.
The subjects at the left side, give some information which I found over the years and some of my experiences.

My rule is:
'I am a happy man to look at the world as a woman once in a while '
This is the way I life my life being a CrossDresser.

You might recognise some of it and maybe you can use some of the info.
In case you have some suggestions, please drop me a line.
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website: http://biancaholland.wordpress.com/
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