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Feminity Tips   Feminity

When you finally decide that the woman inside must enter the ouside world, most of us girls just can't dress up and step out of the house.

With this page I try to provide you with some tips to improve your feminity.
Many of these tips I gathered while surfing around the web and put it into practise, but you need an female approach and someone who have experienced the changes in behavior. I was lucky to found the girls Debbie and Vanessa very helpfull and pointed out extra focus on several points to get more confidence to step into the public.
To get more confidence, it is important to know that people THINK that you are a WOMAN, because you are dressed like that.
So when you don't behave like a man, you'll pass as a woman.

The main thing about your clothing is not to attract attention. By using the right clothing people don't feel the urge to have a second look at you and is the change of being read smaller.
I think a good tip is to sit at a coffeeshop and have a look at how women are dressed of your own age. It is best to choose your clothes accordingly.
Since we are usually taller then GG's, it is better not to use very high heels. When you use lower heels it also attracts less attention.
Don't use too much make-up.
If you have large hands, you better look at a way to hide them.

Men behave different. Most of us don't realise that.
Example: think about how you look (as a man) to a (beautifull) woman when you walk towards her. You look at her, she knows that and doesn't react on that.
When you keep this in mind, you can develop your femine behaviour yourself.
Keep in mind that when you look at a man, that means that you want to have contact. So if you don't want to have contact, avoid eye contact and look to the other side or in front of you.

The next step is to walk and act as a woman. That is the most difficult point.
If you want to have everyone look at you, you walk like these girls (smile:-)
If you don't then step the feet straight foreward, keep your legs close to eachother (let your knies touch when walking), put your feet in front of eachother (like walking on a line).
Don't move your shoulders and arms while walking, but keep your shoulders still but relaxed. This needs a lot of practise, because this is not natural for us.

When sitting it is essential, that you keep your legs together. Most common in to cross your legs by putting your legs over each other.
Keep your hands a little out of sight. Sit relaxed and keep an eye on your bag.
Don't laugh out loud, but keep your voice down.
When you're walking into the public, don't walk into groups of people.

To develop a female is very complicated. Most important is not to speak loud but soft.
At the site of Melanie you'll find a very good information, with examples and even an video (.avi).

Being read
Ofcourse for some of us it is not too difficult to see that you are a man in womens clothes for a small number of persons. Because we still have some masculine signs.
Therefore it is important to know how you will react when someone reads you. When you are prepared for this, you can handle this better.

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