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Why join a support group?!   Support

I wrote this chapter to help others to overcome their fairs to visit a support group for TG.
For lots of crossdressers, dressing up and staying in the safety in our home is enough and all that you want, but for others there will come a moment that you want to explore more of the world. At the same time you are not ready to step out into the public.
For those who are ready for this, here is a checklist: click here.
Besides the possibilities to chat on the web, you have the possibility to visit a support group.
You can talk to other girls, exchange information and at the same time being dressed up. The reason for joining a support group is different for every crossdresser. Whatever reason you have, I think that you must have positive experience. So here are some tips:

1. Investigate what kind of support group this is.
    There are several kinds of meeting places for TG. Specialised for CD, general for alternative lifestyles, commercial, meetings organized by volunteers, etc. In the Netherlands there are several meeting places for TG. One of the national organizations is the 'Society LKG T&T' (Vereniging Landelijke Kontakt Groep T&T), the Contact Group for Transvestites and Transsexuals' you can find some background here
    Some support groups have a site on the web. In the Netherlands there aren't many, but I helped a help group to bring one up.
    Every month more sites are on the web. I tried to bring the most important ones in the Netherlands on my links page.

2. How does the meeting place look like.
    Most of the meeting places look like a kind of bar, but other meetings are held at a kind of sitting room. The number of visitors varies from group to group. They often have a mixture of regular visitors and newcomers. Most of the time the age of the visitors will vary. Once you know what you can expect, the more secure you will feel before entering the meeting place.

3. Is there a dressing room.
    Most of us girls don't have the opportunity to change into our 'female us' at home and drive to the meeting place. When there is a possibility to change at the meeting site, this can be an solution.

4. Is there a entrance fee.
    Most of the contact groups in the Netherlands are run by volunteers, so they charge a minor entrance fee, to cover the rent of the location. So don't forget to bring some money;-)

5. Are there special evenings:
    During some evenings they handle some subjects, like: clothing, make-up, wigs, lingerie, etc. In this way you are able to learn from these sessions, or to buy new outfits in a secure way (if you prefer this).

6. The first time
    Of course I was very nervous when I went to my first meeting. For the first time in the open in the middle of the town, walking as Bianca.
    Although I knew what the place looked like, I still was very nervous to enter the meeting place. When I entered I was welcomed by the hostess whom I had spoken to by telephone that afternoon and was introduced to most of the girls.
    For me it was the first time I saw other TG's. Most of the girls looked gorgeous. I made contact with some of them and talked about the mutual feelings, clothing, etc. During the evening I was able to feel 'at home' with the girls.

7. If you have questions
    If you have questions on these or other TG-subjects I suggest you contact your local TG organisation. If you don't have any, I can recommend this site as a resource. Unfortunately this is only for Dutch speaking visitors.

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